Bucket List

A “Bucket list” is a list you make with friends of things you always say your going to do and don’t. Not before you die…just for fun!

go on a road trip
go to a bonfire

get fit
to lose weight
stop eating fast food for atleast a month
try yoga
a pair of converse/vans in every color
learn how to skate
tell my crush about my feelings
write a book
paint my room
own a big bear as in BIG
make a crayon melt
go on a camping trip with all my friends

make friendship bracelets
learn how to make up
own a camera
dance in the rain
to have my own house with swimming pool
to have my own car
learn to surf
go to paris
sleep on the beach
take my mom on the vacation of her dreams
read every book written by John Green
read every book written by Cecelia Ahern
have a wardrobe filled with lots of cool clothes
go to Disney Land
own a beach house
have my own boutique
Visit Nutelleria
finish everything on my bucketlist

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