Eight Things To Do To Live Life To The Fullest

By Mel Sim

We’ve all done it – looked at a friend’s Facebook profile or blog and say, “I wished I could do that too.” Always comparing your life to someone else’s and finding it coming up short? It doesn’t have to be that way. The only thing between you and a life less ordinary is well, you!

So step out of your comfort zone and embrace life to the fullest. Start with these eight items on our must-do list to live life to the fullest.

1. Travel! Go somewhere at least once a year
Nothing broadens the mind more than travel so by all means, book yourself a holiday to enjoy what the cultures of the world have to offer. Always dreamed of going somewhere exotic? Work towards it. There’s no place that is beyond your reach (yes, you can even be a space tourist!). Don’t have the means to travel halfway round the world or even go to space? Try joining traveling contests or save up so you can visit your dream destination.

2. Achieve something. Document it.
Always wanted to run the marathon? Why not make it your goal to do it! Life is all about achievements so if it has always been your dream to clock in 5km or even the full 42.5km, know that it is possible. Or if it has always been your dream to build something from scratch, lay out the best possible plans to get it done. Remember, most times, it is the journey towards your achievement that matters most. So document it – blog, video logs, photos – anything that you can come back to years later and say, “Yup, I did it!”

3. Be passionate about something. Make money out of it!
Jealous of that friend who is selling his comic arts online and making a fortune out of it? Chances are he’s probably passionate about drawing, which is why he is so good at it and is getting noticed for it too! So if you have something that you’re passionate about—like baking or making something from scratch—by all means, put your heart into it and do it well. When you’re passionate about something, the end result shows for it. And people will want to get a piece of that passion you’ve put out there for sale.

4. Blog it!
Wish you could have a blog that is being read by someone halfway across the world? Guess what—you can! Blogging is one of the most fun ways to connect with other people as well as share your life. It can also be a great way to make some income, especially if you’re blogging about something completely unique or have a fun blogging style that people can relate too. There are many things you can blog about— food, travel, your pets. Just keep updating it so that your readers will always have something new to read.

5. Do something you’re afraid of
Got a fear of heights? Hate being in the limelight? Face your fears head on and do something that completely scares you. You’ll soon realize that there is really nothing to be afraid of – singing in front of a crowd isn’t that bad, after all—and who knows, you may just enjoy facing your fears that it will soon be something you’ll look forward to doing.

6. Volunteer. Do some good
It doesn’t always have to be about you. Spend a weekend every month giving back to charity, whether it is volunteering at a charity home or helping a friend or a neighbor in need. Not only will it make the other person feel good, that act of kindness will do wonder for your soul.

7. Adopt a pet!
Because looking after a four-legged creature like a dog or a cat will not only make you feel like a better human, but it is said to also feed you with feel-good factors and stress-reducing hormones. Besides, there’s no better feeling in the world than coming home to a pet who thinks you’re the world.

8. Experience something different whenever possible
Life is all about experiences. And this includes eating a food that you’ll never think of trying, picking up a new language, watching a foreign movie, or even trying out something you’ll normally not do. Go on—do yourself a favor and give everything a try at least once. This way, you can actually say, “Been there, done that. What’s next?”


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